Creating my Business’ Website

I’ve created a website before.  It was in college in about ’05.  This was when was just picking up steam and getting popular.  I created a website that basically the student body of my university could go to and upload pictures, post funny college stories, post funny videos they took, use the university specific message board, etc.  This was when I was young (well two years younger than I am now) and did a truly half-assed job on it.  Something that needs long-term dedication.  I did a TON of upfront work, but after about 2 months I stopped it all together.  It’s sad because my traffic was increasing, I was getting about $1-5 per day from Google Adsense, and maybe today I would’ve been making decent scratch from it.

Although all that hardwork and the money I spent on publishing the site went to waste, I learned valuable lessons from that experience in regards to website optimization, actually creating a webpage using FrontPage, getting it up online, website advertising, etc.  Now the skills I used through trial & error from my failure in college will help me get my business on-line faster for my current project.

What I did this week is purchase a template from  Basically they have hundreds of templates you can chose from that are pre-made for applications such as FrontPage (Microsoft) and Dreamweaver.  I’m not very computer savvy and I grew up using the Microsoft applications, so I went with a Frontpage template.  Plus, I already had Frontpage on my computer from my entrepreneur debacle in college.  I purchased a nice template for $30 that went along with my vision for my company.  After the purchase went through, I was immediately able to download my template and insert it into Frontpage to start tweaking around with.

As of today, 3/30/08 I have my domain name & hosting purchased from, and I am about 25% done with my site to get it officially online.


Entrepreneur’s Journal Entry 3/30/08

I thought I’d tag dates to all of my entries to keep everything consistent. I’d like to have continuous updates on my progress as an entrepreneur, but also have usable content on here, but and also just some room for random thoughts.

This week I had another call with my Trump University mentor, Bill. We discussed how I’ve come along with my business. One thing I wanted to get the ball rolling on was registering my business with the state. Bill helped me decide on registering as an LLC, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, etc. I chose on an LLC for it’s tax benefits and protection. I’d like my business to grow some day but for the moment, it’s just me. I did a lot of research and this made the most sense to me. I then used to help me with all of the paperwork. Part of the reason I enrolled at Trump University was to limit any mistakes I would’ve normally made with my business. LegalZoom is another tool I am using. Here’s how it works and why it’s so great:

– LegalZoom prepares all of my documents with the state governments and customizes the registration to how I want my business to operate

– They provide all the necessary forms and get it filled out within 5-10 business days

– All I have to do is fill out a very user-friendly questionnaire about my business, the owners, how I’d like it taxed, etc. AND THEY TAKE CARE OF THE REST

This falls in nicely to my business plan as registering federal and state documents to my first business is something I could definitely screw up. That’s all I need is to get sued 2 years down the road when I’m successful and have everything crumble down because I made a bone-head mistake when registering my business., very recommended.

The Entrepreneur’s Journal

Welcome to my weblog. This blog is a real-time account of my experiences towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. As I write this, all I have is a full-time job, a vision, and a few thousand dollars to put to work. You will be taken through the trials and tribulations of my experiences as an entrepreneur AS THEY HAPPEN. I will update my ”journal” for all to see and include thoughts, ideas, business statistics, feelings, hardships, successes, etc.

I feel that everyone at some point in their life wants to pursue owning their own business at one time or another. There are certain risks associated with this that keep people from pursuing their dreams and getting out of the so-called ”rat race” that is the world we live in. I hope this journal serves as a tool for my own personal motivation in pursuing my dream of owning a (if not several) successful business(es), as well as the motivations of the reader to actually get up and start pursuing their dreams.

I hope to, years from now, look back at what I wrote in the early stages of my pursuit and truly appreciate where I am (or will be). I hope to learn from my mistakes and relish in my successes along my journey towards becoming a self-sufficient entrepreneur. I hope to provide motivation and knowledge to those who harvest the same vision and mind-set that I do towards entrepreneurship. I hope to use this blog as a vehicle for information brainstorming from the comments of the readers who read this. I may learn something new from a passer-by reader that could save me thousands of dollars in mistakes. Hopefully I generate an upsell idea that I didn’t think of that will help me out immensely in one of my business venture. Who knows?

I may make it, or I may not. As you’ll see in my posts, I am putting myself in a risky situation where failure is not an option. I plan to quit my full-time job shortly to devote 100% of my time towards my business ventures. Although the idea of starting your own business is risky, I’m trying to be smart about it. I’m putting myself in a situation where I will have the necessary tools, mentors, and information to not go belly-up, but it all depends on me and what I make of it. I have ideas right now that could potentially turn into cash cows, but they are not going to start earning revenue on their own. I have to put the time, money, and sweat into creating my dream.

Please feel free to email me or post comments. I have very thick skin and encourage all criticism as I feel that without open discussion of thoughts and feelings, nothing will be learned.